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I Got Chin Filler & This Is What I Look Like Now

Chin Fillers

Are you one of those people who are unsatisfied with their chin Filler? Well, there’s no need to be shy. Some people are not confident with their chins and are still finding ways on how to alter them. After all, confidence is also beauty! 

If you’re one of those people, this is the best time to discover more about chin fillers. Learn more about this treatment below this post and imagine what you’d look like after. 


Chin Fillers

More often than not, people would often hear about dermal fillers, but not chin fillers. But what’s the difference between these two? Dermal fillers are a treatment that plumps up your lips, cheeks, and the skin around your eyes. With dermal fillers, you’ll guarantee to have a refreshed and glow-up look on your face. 

On the other hand, Chin fillers will help you improve a specific part of your face and your whole profile. In truth, this filler treatment has been popular in dermatology, “tweaking” how you look in a different kind of aspect. Put the procedure with injectable fillers that enhance the shape and size of your chin. 

With this technique, you will have a more attractive and well-defined profile than before. Indeed, non-surgical chin operations like this have initially grown in the market for various reasons. And on top of that is because chin fillers are fully customizable. 

That means you can mold the shape of your jawline to suit your facial features, and differences still get better results. To make things successful, experts place a volume in the targeted area that needs it. So, in that case, your jawline will be undetectable to others but merely improved to you. 

Few injectable fillers are available to reshape and improve your jawline. Some of these are Radiesse, Juvederm, or Restylane. Such dermal fillers shape the face and exhibit the natural beauty of your visuals. The good news is that the FDA now approved Juvederm Voluma for the jawline and chin area. 


I Got a Chin Filler, and Here’s What it Looks Like

Having treatments is scary, especially if it’s your first time. There might be a lot of questions running around your mind if it is something safe or not. Don’t worry, let’s try to answer each of them one by one here. 


I’m in my 20’s. Can I get a chin filler?

Usually, the best candidates for chin fillers are those who want to transform their jawline. It also includes people who want to fill the wrinkles and lines around their chin and strengthen the area. Patients over the age of 21 are suitable to undergo the procedure as long as they are in good health. 

That means you must have no allergies or health conditions, you should not smoke, and take good care of your skin after the whole procedure. 


What can’t chin fillers do?

Chin fillers can’t correct the deep wrinkles and sagging skin on the surfaces. However, it is best for those who have mild to moderate concerns. So, if you want to have more permanent corrections, a chin implant would be the best option. 


Will it hurt during the procedure?

Definitely, no. Chin fillers are painless. Although, some chin fillers have lidocaine, which is a common numbing element to help you get comfortable. But in truth, there might be slight discomfort as your doctor injects the fillers; however, know that this is temporary. 

After the procedure, a slight tenderness and swelling in the chin will occur as one of the side effects. Then in the next two days, the node will now subside. Within this phase, ensure to avoid any demanding or strenuous activity for two days so that it won’t affect the placement of the fillers. 


How long will this chin filler last?

Unlike the other injectables, chin fillers tend to last longer. Fillers like Restylane, Lyft, and Juvederm have a 2-year life compared to others that are only one year. But do note that over time, your body starts to absorb the filler. So, getting a follow-up session after one to two years would probably be best. 

Always ensure to check things out with your doctors and healthcare providers at least every six months and schedule a touch-up after one to two years. 


Expectation during the procedure

Chin filler injections are like other dermal filler procedures. Your provider usually does this in an outpatient setting, and you don’t have any post-treatment needed after the session. Be mindful that your doctor will first clean the skin in the area that needs to be treated. They might apply some cream or inject an anesthetic before your treatment for maximum comfort. 

During the process, you can sit up while your provider injects the fillers and asks to remain still. Also, you will receive multiple injections in your jawline and chin. Then, your provider will let you return for an added injection or follow-up visits to achieve the best results. Chin filler treatments will only take you about thirty to sixty minutes, including the preparation time. 


Final Thoughts

Chin filler is an excellent treatment to undergo, especially if you are not confident about your chin. There are tons of clinics and healthcare providers offering these services, and you can always set an appointment with them. However, before entirely going through this method, ensure to consult with a trusted physician first. 

This part will help you know whether you’ll need an added session to get better results than your expected timeline. While chin fillers might not always be a hot topic for improving your skin, it’s still one of the best and highly recommended procedures in the aesthetic field. Get your confidence back and improve your profile by having chin fillers! 

Remember to follow each process your doctor may require for your safety. Good luck with achieving a beautiful you!

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