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Chin Filler

Chins are in! A projected and well-defined chin helps to balance the entire face. Whether you desire a more youthful chin, a square masculine chin, a feminine pointed chin, or anything in between, dermal filler can help you achieve the chin of your dreams. Men and women of any age can benefit from this treatment. It is often performed with jawline filler to enhance the lower face further.


Why Choose Chin Filler?

Chin length and projection is an integral aspect of facial balancing and is often combined with Jawline Filler.

Who Is a Candidate for Chin Filler?

Anyone who feels that their chin is recessed or short is a candidate for Chin Filler.

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What can be expected during a Chin Filler treatment?

First, we will use a topical or injectable numbing for comfort. The dermal filler will be injected along the chin using a cannula (a blunt-tipped needle) or both. Treatment will typically take 1 hour.

What is the discomfort or pain associated with a Chin Filler treatment?

Topical or injectable numbing makes the procedure itself very tolerable. Injections with a needle or cannula can feel like a small pinch or a pushing or pressure sensation. Numbness or tingling immediately after treatment is normal due to the topical numbing. You could expect soreness or tenderness for 24-72 hours after treatment. A light headache can also occur after treatment but should resolve quickly. We recommend using Tylenol or an ice pack, as needed for pain.

What is the downtime after a Chin Filler procedure?

At Skin Deep Cosmetics & Aesthetics, we define downtime as being unable to work or go out in public. Downtime is unique to every patient. Typically dermal filler treatment has no downtime. Moderate redness, swelling, soreness/tenderness, and bruising can occur. Redness, swelling, and soreness/tenderness will typically resolve within 24-72 hrs. However, swelling could last up to 2 weeks. Bruising will typically resolve in 1-2 weeks. Arnica can be taken by mouth to help bruising resolve more quickly.


What is aftercare following a Chin Filler treatment?

Refrain from using makeup or other facial products or touching your face for 4-6 hours after treatment. Avoid excess alcohol consumption, smoking, exercise, UV light, and heat (saunas, steam, tanning beds, hot showers, etc.) for 24 hours after treatment. Reduce facial expressions for 24-48 hours after treatment. An ice pack can be used as needed for swelling (5-10 minutes 4 times a day). Sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated for a minimum of 2-3 days after treatment (1 week is ideal). Stay hydrated for optimal healing. Lumps and bumps accompany routine healing. Massage the treated areas only when instructed by a Skin Deep Cosmetics & Aesthetics Cosmetics & Aesthetics provider. Avoid sun exposure as long if bruising is present.

How soon after my Chin Filler treatment will I see results?

Results from your Chin Filler procedure can be seen right after your treatment is finished and will continue to improve for up to 4 weeks as swelling decreases and the filler integrates into the tissue.

How long will the results last after my Chin Filler?

Chin Fillers can last 12 to 18 months, depending on the type of filler used.

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