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PDO COG Thread Lift – The Non-Surgical Face Lift

PDO COG Thread Lift - The Non-Surgical Face Lift

We would instead not be taken for much older than we are. Some of us look older than our actual age for various reasons, including genetics, health issues, smoking, excessive drinking, or prolonged exposure to the sun without protection. Whatever your reason for wanting a more youthful appearance, our clinic can help you feel and look better about yourself.

The popularity of the “No-Surgery Facelift,” a fantastic and effective non-surgical technique for lifting and tightening skin, can be attributed to the support of several well-known public figures. Yes, you read that correctly: the era of the surgical facelift is over, replaced by the much less invasive PDO thread facelift.

What IS PDO COG Thread Face Lift

PDO thread lifts are a non-invasive alternative to surgical facelifts; they employ dissolvable sutures that the FDA has approved for use in treating various dermatological and cosmetic issues. PDO threads are synthetic threads that surgeons have used for a long time for absorbable sutures. These threads are now commonly used as a cosmetic tool, especially for the face and neck.

This non-invasive treatment can tighten the skin and restore your face’s youthful contours. The positive effects are numerous, and the disruption to your daily routine is negligible. Those interested in delaying the signs of aging but not yet ready for plastic surgery may want to consider a PDO thread lift as an alternative.

Completely Non-Invasive

The primary benefit of PDO thread lift is that no incisions are necessary. You won’t need anesthesia or surgery, and there’s no downtime. Allergy reactions and postoperative complications are two examples of the kinds of adverse effects that are mitigated.

These threads are only inserted into the outermost layers of skin, unlike a facelift, which inserts threads into the deeper layers of skin. They can use a local anesthetic or numbing agent to ensure you don’t feel anything during the procedure.

You can return to your regular activities after this procedure; however, some swelling or bruising may occur for the first few days. Don’t touch your face for the next week; sleep with your head on a pillow. If your doctor thinks it’s necessary, they may also give you some aftercare instructions to ensure your results last.

Parts Of The Face PDO Thread Face Lift Can Address

Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, a PDO thread lift can treat most of your face without compromising results. This flexible strategy can be used for localized or systemic revitalization.

A PDO thread lift can be used to combat the signs of aging on the following facial features:

  • Cheeks
  • Crow’s feet
  • Eyebrows
  • Jawline
  • Neck
  • Under-eye area
  • Jowls
  • Marionette lines
  • Naso jugal folds
  • Nasolabial folds

Your provider can combine PDO thread lift with other treatments, such as dermal fillers and Botox, to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Provides Natural-Looking Results

Thread lifts using PDO threads yield gradual, natural-looking results with little recovery time or danger. Even though you may start to feel better in as little as a week, the full benefits won’t become apparent for another two to three months.

Because the body gradually eliminates the threads, you can enjoy your newly revitalized appearance without worrying about unexpected side effects. With no downtime, you can feel and look your best without letting on that you’ve had any cosmetic work done. 

The use of PDO COG threads has been shown to increase collagen production in the skin and improve the definition of facial contours. They take effect almost immediately and then continue to enhance over the following months and years, reaching their full potential after about a year.

Your COG PDO thread lift will be customized to your skin’s texture, skin type, and aesthetic goals. The face uses three threads per side, while the neck uses just two. Various threads accomplish varying degrees of lift, skin tightening, and skin rejuvenation.

Convenient Process

Since PDO thread lifts don’t require incisions, patients can set aside minimal time for recovery. Depending on the targeted area, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. This trendy option fits seamlessly into your busy schedule. It’s a handy choice because it doesn’t require taking time out of your day to travel to and from the doctor’s office.

This cosmetic fix is reversible and allows the threads to dissolve. In contrast to a facelift, which results in noticeable, long-lasting changes, this won’t require invasive surgery.

Because of your high metabolic rate and increased collagen production, it could take your body up to a year to completely dissipate the PDO threads. With the right combination of diet, exercise, and skincare, you should see results that last for at least a year.

If you want your PDO thread lift results to last as long as possible, your dermatologist can tell you how often you should have touch-up treatments.

PDO Thread Face Lift Procedure

Your surgeon may or may not use this specific procedure. Overall, it will probably resemble this:

  • Your surgeon will use alcohol to clean your face while you relax in a reclining chair. A needle will be used to inject a local anesthetic just under the skin.
  • Your doctor will use another needle to make a tiny incision and insert a cannula into the opening.
  • The cannula will be removed, and your surgeon will anchor the thread.
  • Finally, the thread will be cut, and the item will be checked for stability.

When the procedure is over, you can go home without any problems. 

Should You Consider PDO Thread Face Lift?

If you have sagging facial skin, lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, skeletal facial features, or other signs of aging, a PDO thread lift may be able to help. This treatment could be ideal if you need a facelift immediately but don’t want to go under the knife. Several variables affect the price and efficiency of a PDO thread lift. To determine if a PDO thread lift is right for you, contact and schedule an appointment with our services today with Skin Deep Cosmetics & Aesthetics. We offer an in-depth consultation, examination, and tailored services. 

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