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What are the Types of Thread Lifts? Are they Effective?

What are the Types of Thread Lifts | Skin Deep Cosmetics

We all don’t want to appear as old as we indeed are. Some of us can appear older than our chronological age due to genetics, health issues such as smoking or excessive drinking, or frequent unprotected sun exposure. Whatever your motivation for wanting to appear younger, a thread lift can help you feel a lot better about yourself. We have the answers to all of the questions you’ve had regarding the Lift-it, including which type is the most appropriate for your needs and preferences.


Different Types of Lift It Threads –


PDO threads are among three types of sutures widely used in thread lift treatments. The other two varieties are made of polylactic acid (PLA) and polycaprolactone. PDO threads have remained in use in procedures since the 1980s, making them the most experienced of the three types of threads. After approximately six months, they dissolve in your body due to the use of colorless polyester material. These sutures stimulate collagen production by cells in your body called fibroblasts due to their presence in your skin. Collagen is a protein responsible for the structure and flexibility of your skin. One of the primary reasons for aging skin is the breakdown of collagen.


PDO threads can be further subdivided into the following three groups:


  • PDO mono threads. Smooth sutures aid in the rejuvenation of your skin by encouraging collagen synthesis.
  • Cog threads. Unlike other lines, these have barbs that latch onto your skin like small fishhooks, providing support and lifting to specific areas of your face.
  • Screw threads. These are made up of intertwined threads and are used to help restore volume to areas of your skin that have lost volume.

Other threads, such as PLA and PCA threads, are more recent than PDO threads. They fade longer in your body and seem to stimulate more collagen growth. PLA threads take approximately 12 months to assimilate, and PCA takes about 12 to 15 months. Every type of thread is best appropriate for a specific function. PDO threads are better at repositing and reinvigorating tissue, while PLA and PCA threads are better at lifting saggy parts of your skin.


Understanding Lift It Threads


There are various variations of the thread lift, which is also known as a suture lift or sillouhette. Different firms manufacture different types of thread lift. Various advantages and disadvantages of each brand of threads or dissolvable sutures can be identified. Every thread is a little different from the others. The threads may be made of a single substance or a combination of materials. They may include cones, barbs, or other embellishments in addition to the standard thread to provide a lift or a collagen boost to the patient’s skin.

During your appointment, your cosmetic doctor will determine which thread is the most appropriate for your needs because they have a variety on hand.


What to Expect During a Thread Lifting Session


A few millimeters of upward and backward traction can be expected, with a lifespan of between one and three years. Due to the dissolvability of the threads and the fact that the natural process of aging is still in effect, the procedure is not intended to be long-lasting. After around six months, the sutures begin to disintegrate, leaving you with a collagen lift as a result. If you want to keep your new look, you may need more thread lift treatments. Thread lifts are similar to dermal filler or muscle relaxant injections for their benefits and longevity.


Who should be in charge of your thread lift?


The suture or thread lift is a versatile treatment option for lifting and repositioning drooping face skin, with the ability of your doctor to perform the procedure making a significant difference in the outcome. When selecting a facility for a thread lift, look for specialists with the most experience – as they say, practice makes perfect! Although the treatment is only temporary, if it is administered incorrectly, the complication rate might skyrocket. A thread lift can cause complications such as infection or incorrect threads; however, complications are rarely more severe than that, which is one of the many advantages. They are secure. 


Thread lifts have progressed over time


Although the results of early thread lifts were not quite as good as those of more recent advancements, several minor concerns provided hurdles to cosmetic specialists. When it came to threads, some weren’t strong enough to endure facial movements such as coughing or sneezing, and thread removal was far more prevalent than it is now. Nowadays, thread lifts are more likely to proceed as planned. The current generation of thread lift products has significantly reduced the number of complications.

The double helix architecture of threads results in increased tensile strength, particularly when compared to previous threads with a straighter thread structure. A barbed, coned, or non-barbed thread can be employed to replenish collagen under the skin and enhance skin thickness. You can also use it to soften wrinkles. Because of their propensity to induce collagen production, these threads are critical to the success of this operation. The thread creates a tunnel through the skin, which the body responds to by creating collagen in the surrounding area. 

Collagen helps tighten and smooth the skin, making it appear tighter and smoother. The suture does not leave behind any scar tissue in the skin but only collagen. Smooth threads (non-barbed) have a similar appearance to the thread used to sew on a button — thin, flexible, and sturdy in appearance. The number of threads that are employed varies depending on the therapeutic region being addressed. It is only a matter of time until thread technology advances much more, and we may expect some fascinating developments in the following years.

Before proceeding with this method in its entirety, ensure that you consult with a reputable physician first. This section will assist you in determining whether you will require an additional session to achieve better results than you anticipated. With Lift-It treatment at Skin Deep Cosmetics & Aesthetics, you can regain your confidence while improving your profile.

Remember that you must follow any procedures that your doctor may prescribe for your safety. success in your quest to become the most attractive version of yourself!

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